10 Unique Dog Species In The World

The world is populated with millions of dogs. In my neighborhood alone, you’ll be pressed to find
a household without a loyal canine companion. Although now pretty common, some would be
dog owners still want to stand out from the rest, in other words, they want a dog that is quite
unique compared to what their neighbor has. If you are one of these people, don’t worry as we
have got you covered. Today we will be looking at 10 of the most unique dog breeds in the
world. Better make sure that you stay tuned for number one because if that breed is our top
pick, chances are it will be yours too.

Top 10 Unique Dog Species In World
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At a glance, Lundehunds seem a typical northern breed. It’s a spitz type with triangular ears,
curving tail, and a dense double coat. But a closer look reveals it to be quite unique from other
dogs. They have feet with at least six fully functioning toes and extra paw pads, a very elastic
neck that can crane back so the head touches the spine, ears that can fold shut, and flexible
shoulders that allow forelegs to extend to the side, perpendicular to the body. This last anomaly
produces the breed’s distinctive “rotary” gait.
The Norwegian Lundehund has a medium to high energy level and is happiest when he has the
opportunity to engage in some form of physical exercise on a daily basis. He will enjoy a brisk,
30-minute walk or a couple of ball-chasing sessions with his owner every day. So, not really for
couch potatoes.
The Lundehund is very sensitive and can develop trust issues, and harsh training methods
should never be used. Early socialization and puppy training classes are recommended and
help to ensure that the dog grows into a well-adjusted, well-mannered companion. The breed is
incredibly clever, affectionate, and fun-loving, and they are very smart and are problem-solvers
of the first order.
Number 9. Otterhound
Although he may not look like it, the boisterous and friendly Otterhound is a large scenthound.
This breed is quite unique because of something not normally found in dogs; it has webbed
feet.They are also one of the most endangered dog breeds today, with fewer than 350 in the
United States and Canada and less than 1,000 worldwide.
There are references to “otter dogges” in England as far back as the 1100s, but it wasn’t until
the late 18th century that the breed came to look as it does today. Initially, Otterhounds were
developed to hunt in packs. Their quarry was, quite predictably, river otter, an animal that put
much needed fish stocks at risk. Later, hunting river otter became a sport, rather than a way of
protecting fishponds.
Another interesting trait of the Otterhound is the way many of them choose to drink from the
bottom of their water dish. It’s not uncommon for them to submerge their nose or even their
entire head when taking a drink, rather than lapping from the surface like other breeds.
Number 8. Bergamasco Sheepdog
Beneath the one-of-a-kind coat is a large, muscular shepherd dog of ancient pedigree. But,
since the coat is what makes this dog breed quite unique, let’s discuss that further. The
Bergamasco Sheepdog has hair of three different textures that form naturally occurring loose
mats, or “flocks”, covering the body and legs. The flocks provide protection from the fierce cold
and wild predators of the Italian Alps, the breed’s ancestral homeland.
Bergamascos are bright, loyal, loving, and trainable. Also very independent, being a mountain
dog. They take to watching over loved ones with a serene vigilance. Wary of strangers until
properly introduced, Bergamascos are aggressive only as a last resort.
The coat of an adult Bergamasco is basically maintenance free. It doesn’t shed, doesn’t need to
be brushed, and doesn’t need to be bathed more than two or three times a year; perfect for the
lazy pet owner.
Number 7. Skye Terrier
Long, low, and level, this unique earthdog is among the world’s most distinctive-looking breeds.
Skyes stand 9 or 10 inches high and feature a long, flat-lying coat and peekaboo hairdo. They’re
known for big, feathery ears that stand up like bat wings, making then quite a unique breed, but
some can also develop droopy ears which lie flat against the large, long head. Beneath the
profuse coat are short, muscular legs and a deep chest. When seen in profile, these elegant but
substantial terriers are twice as long as they are high.
The Skye is a very intelligent but strong-willed breed, calmer than many of the terrier breeds.




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10 Unique Dog Species In The World