10 Things Not To Do at the Playground..

The playground is cool.. but here are some things that you shouldn't do at a playground!
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  • Principal:haha,just the way I like it kid. Roi:. ...weee

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  • On do not throw sand that guava turn into gaara

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  • 5:47 Principle Teacher Apotito Tito Nana?!!? What Are You Doing In This Tree?

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  • Can you make ''10 Things Not To Do at the Jail''??? Like if you agree!

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  • at 7:26 a kid walked into the building while being blown up

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  • Naruto plus sand = gaara

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  • This how high he went 👇

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    • When they were done playing tetherball a huge tetherball fell on two of the people.that was the police's thing. Then the person who the tetherball did not fall on him,he said:that's what you get!.

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    • He forgot to say no at 3:03 of the video

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  • What's happend to rois head he has a cut or something??

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  • apolito tito nana? the tito means uncle in guava juices language which is tagalon! he was born in manila of the philippines! roi tell me if i spelled it wrong!

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  • What's that cut where did you get it and how

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    • I thought that. Was he hurt behind the scenes he probably fell or was hit with a ball

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  • Him : don’t show off Me: don’t tell me what to do your not my dad lol

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  • I've played kickball and four sqaure

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10 Things Not To Do at the Playground..