(笋)Best Time of Year to Comsume Juicy and Tender Bamboo Shoots; Pick As Much As You Like|Liziqi

Liziqi Channel--Bamboo Shoots
The garden is embracing the best time of the year with an idyllic scenery.
Flowers are blossoming.
Ready to shear some lambswool!
When that's done, it's time to pick some bamboo shoots!
Mmm, bamboo shoots are sooo tasty!
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  • Who is your husband he is very lucky 🤔😍😍😄

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  • God bless you liziqi, stay safe and healthy 😘😘😘love from India

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  • Keliatan enaaak gitu masakannya, rumahnya juga nyaman, jadi laper.

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  • I cannot tell half the time if she is using sugar or salt :)

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  • Wish I could be there and just follow her around. We don't have half that stuff here where I am.

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  • Please write a cook book

  • Look at her magnificent Flower Garden

  • They should save her DNA make a super human race. Does China still kill female babies?

  • Hey,,, Liziqi ,,,AM your New subscriber,, ☺☺☺,,,,,,,from India,, 😊😊😊😊

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  • 桃源郷って本当にあるんだなあ😊 美しい😊

  • great woman, super women, healthy life 😍

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  • The most capable person in the world!!!!

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  • So talented, i want to learn the walk and pluck technique lol

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  • Vary nice food

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  • U r beautiful princezz liziqui with beautiful soul..we all lov u..lov frm pakistan

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  • 您的举动使我想离开客厅,与大自然共度时光

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  • I really wanna be as self sufficientas this lady. Need a small bamboo house and my granny😌She is indeed mother nature.

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  • So peaceful living life...and eating so healthy..

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  • So beautiful

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  • DONT.SKIP.ADDS!!! (if its more than 30 seconds long you can skip after 30 seconds and itll count as a view)

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  • I have watched every video, many times over, .most of the comments are months and some years. I hope there is more to come, Please & Thank you, but what you have given me and your fans will last a lifetime and I am grateful my sweet little girl, your biggest Fan

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  • i watch these vids constantly without fail and i get excited when i see her at work and it makes me wistful and wanting a life where i rely on what the earth gives me and making things myself rather than buying things constantly. i am saving money right to have some land of my own one day. It is hard work, but it is a goal i want to succeed in. Thank you Liziqi, for the videos, inspiration and motivation

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  • My family used to it bamboo shoot. It's really tasty.

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  • In México, we don't have bamboo plants, but it doesn't matter, I really love to watch your videos, learning some little things about domestic economy and enjoying the way you do your everyday life, thank you so much for all your lovely efforts. God bless you and your family.

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  • Everybodys like "shes self sustainable her way of life is so admirable." You know this bitch makes a living off youtube not husking corn. She only does it now cause it makes $$$$$

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  • What a wonderfull girl...😍😍 one of the best on earth. China must be proud of people like U

  • From where is the water coming when she washes the bamboo.... Was that a tree?????

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(笋)Best Time of Year to Comsume Juicy and Tender Bamboo Shoots; Pick As Much As You Like|Liziqi